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After printing a few of my photoshop experiments using Ashleys photographs, I have set to work adding layers of paint and adding texture. By smearing ready mix paint, and distressing the surface using folding, creasing and scratching, it creates interesting surfaces on which I can start to draw.

I added textures using bubble wrap to print onto the images, and pressed images together to transfer paint from one to another. The random nature of this technique usually creates unexpected results and one or two worked out well


Digital circle scribblings

screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-15-39-28Storm Doris has helped me to make time for some of my digital circle work today. Playing around with layers and colour to develop some of the images Ashley sent me as a starting point. The images of urban textures are perfect for the type of work I like to do, so these initial doodles hopefully will develop into something interesting over the next few days.

Some of the subtle patterns from the original photographs are working together quite nicely. My next step is to print them and use them as a basis for some drawings.

Developing ideas using paint and photoshop…

Chantelle had done some interesting digital manipulation with a scan of one of the pages, taking a small section and creating a repeating mirror image pattern, so the first step for me was to try to recreate the effect in pencil and paint. I painted onto a page that was already printed, so it created a layered look.

I scanned this painting, then took it in to photoshop touch on the ipad, and started to layer it up with photos from Chantelle’s pages.