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Digital circle scribblings

screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-15-39-28Storm Doris has helped me to make time for some of my digital circle work today. Playing around with layers and colour to develop some of the images Ashley sent me as a starting point. The images of urban textures are perfect for the type of work I like to do, so these initial doodles hopefully will develop into something interesting over the next few days.

Some of the subtle patterns from the original photographs are working together quite nicely. My next step is to print them and use them as a basis for some drawings.


March sketchbook with Ciara

I started the sketchbook in January, looking at maps and The Boyle Family and my own photography of derelict buildings. Ciara responded with some really lovely loose prints and collages, creating simple hand drawn maps and images of travel and buildings.

This got me thinking about the ideas surrounding ‘home’ and location. About how we move around throughout our lives. I’m sure it is no coincidence that this theme is on my mind a lot at the moment as I am preparing to move house. The drawings and collages I created in response play with the word ‘destination’ and the visual plotting on a map of places I have lived over the years.

I have purposely tried to avoid my usual favoured techniques of digital manipulation and typography, instead to try and work more in mixed media; wax, paint, ink and layers of scratching and drawing. As I have been completing most of the sketchbook at school, many students have been asking lots of questions about the circle, and are keen to try out the techniques for themselves, which has been great.

Now the book is ready to be sent back to Ciara.


Januarys sketchbook with Ciara








Its always a struggle to start a new sketchbook for me. I have lots of ideas but find it difficult to commit to one, and also keep in mind that someone else needs to be able to get enough from it to be able to respond. After lots of deliberation (and tea) i decided to go out with my camera and see what interested me.
I love working with textures as a starting point, and on my walk I found a building that was in the process of being demolished. Half of the building still stood, and I could see the layers of plaster and brick that told the story of the life this building must have had.