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Digital circle scribblings

screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-15-39-28Storm Doris has helped me to make time for some of my digital circle work today. Playing around with layers and colour to develop some of the images Ashley sent me as a starting point. The images of urban textures are perfect for the type of work I like to do, so these initial doodles hopefully will develop into something interesting over the next few days.

Some of the subtle patterns from the original photographs are working together quite nicely. My next step is to print them and use them as a basis for some drawings.



ImageThe beginning of the year, and a new creative challenge to keep me engaged and excited! After watching the progress and inspiring images from last year’s #tea circle, I couldn’t wait for the new one to start so I could be involved. Since taking on a HOD role last year, I have found I have very little time for any of my own practice, and this circle is the perfect way to make myself ‘make time’ and the collaborative and sharing nature of the group has allowed me to have fun with art again!

I decided to make my sketchbook, as I am interested in developing bookbinding skills, and I had lots of old typography journals that had been donated to the department, so I carefully selected a few interesting pages to cut out and bind together.

Typography and in particular ‘found’ lettering is a passion of mine, so my first few pages included some of my own photos from around the streets of manchester, some of which had been manipulated in photoshop. I placed these along with collage and drawing.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage